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Fixing Damp Issues

Damp problems can cause long-term damage to your property. If not treated promptly they can leave you with structural damage and a hefty bill!

Using our years of experience and only the latest proven methods of Damp Proofing, Evans Building Plastics Ltd can solve your all your property's damp problems, whether large or small.

Your home is made of brick, stone and mortar. These are all porous materials that allow any damp from the ground to rise by simple capillary action. This moisture carries with it minerals, including chlorides and nitrates. When conditions of humidity occur, these salts from the ground can absorb moisture from the atmosphere leading to wall dampness. You may only notice evidence of the damp when you come across flaking and peeling of the internal plaster or areas of mold.

Build, Repair Refresh! - We do it all at high quality.

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